Remembering the Life of Lloyd T. Guessford, PFC


Today is Memorial Day in the United States—a day set aside to remember those who sacrificed their lives to preserve our freedoms.

For some it is a time off to enjoy a picnic, participate in a race, or spend time with family and friends. Even during our celebrations, let us not forget those who made all this possible.

On June 7, 1944, during the D-Day invasion, Lloyd Theodore Guessford, PFC, 29th Infantry Division, 115th Regiment lost his life on the shores of Normandy, France.  He left behind a wife and an infant daughter whom he had never met.

While I know very little of this man, he has indirectly affected my life. He was the grandfather of my husband and the great-grandfather of my five children. His life was cut short, but he continues to live on today in my children and now grandchildren.

Life is short. None of us knows when our souls will depart from this earth. Let us honor the memory of those who’ve gone before us and choose to live this day as though it could be our last.

You may also enjoy reading an historical fiction account of Lloyd Guessford Tears of Sorrow or Lest We Forget, a piece written by my husband Maynard Keller.